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Type: Rifle, Centerfire

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This is an article from RifleShooter magazine about the .30 Remington AR.

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.30 Remington AR ammo – option for the AR brings extra power, speed and reach for dropping pronghorns, boars and deer!

Remington Introduces new 30 Remington AR Cartridge

Oct 15, 2008 · Remington Arms just introduced a new cartridge, the 30 Remington AR (aka 30 RAR), to be used in AR-platform rifles to be built by its DPMS subsidiary. (Remington, DPMS, and Bushmaster are all owned by Cerberus Capital Management, a private holding company.) The cartridge carries the short, fat design to the extreme.

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The .30 Rem. AR may have been quickly labeled a deer-hunting cartridge, but does this versatile performer have tactical applications?

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Remington, and sibling Bushmaster, have announced a new cartridge designed for the AR-15. The 30 Remington AR is a .30 caliber cartridge the length of a .223, allowing it to be chambered in AR-15s rather than AR-10 style rifles.

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The increasing use of AR-15s for hunting identified a void in the lineup of available cartridges: there was no mainstream, .30-cal. cartridge for the platform. There was the 7.62×39 mm, but it was designed for a much different rifle, and as such the tapered case had compatibility issues with AR-15

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