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Three of these alcohols, active amyl alcohol (2-methylbutan-1-ol), methyl (n) propyl carbinol (pentan-2-ol), and methyl isopropyl carbinol (3-methylbutan-2-ol), contain an asymmetric carbon atom and are therefore optically active.

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Isoamyl alcohol (also known as isopentyl alcohol) is a colorless liquid with the formula (CH 3) 2 CHCH 2 CH 2 OH. It is one of several isomers of amyl alcohol . It is an ingredient in the production of banana oil , an ester found in nature and also produced as …

Chemical formula: C₅H₁₂O

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Amyl alcohol, also called Pentyl Alcohol, any of eight organic compounds having the same molecular formula, C 5 H 1 1 OH, but different structures. The term is commonly applied to mixtures of these compounds, which are used as solvents for resins and oily materials and in the manufacture of other chemicals, especially amyl acetate, a solvent for …

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Isoamyl alcohol is the major higher chain alcohol in alcoholic beverages and is present in cider, mead, beer, wine, and spirits to varying degrees, being obtained by the fermentation of starches. Isopentanol has been shown to induce expression of CYP3A and CYP2E1 in human liver (PMID: 7574728 ).

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Amyl alcohol has been identified as one of the main volatile components in Macedonian wines and barley cultivars. It is used as a flavor ingredient in chewing gum, candies …

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Amyl alcohol definition is – any of eight isomeric alcohols C5H12O used especially as solvents and in making esters; also : a commercially produced mixture of amyl alcohols used especially as a solvent.

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Alcohol is one of the most widely used psychoactive drugs, and alcoholism is characterized by the chronic, repetitive, excessive use of alcohol such that it interferes with the health, personal relationships, and livelihood of the drinker.

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Isoamyl alcohol is one of the flavour and fragrance chemicals produced by Chemoxy. You can read the full list of chemical products here . Isoamyl alcohol is a speciality solvent often noted for its distinctive odour – which smells like pear drops.