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Mord Gunnars is the husband of Maria Gunnars. The Fremennik Isles quest can be started by speaking to him. He is native to Jatizso , though his wife is native to Neitiznot .

Race: Human

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Mord Gunnars is the husband of Maria Gunnars. He is found on the north-most dock in Rellekka. The Fremennik Isles quest can be started by speaking to him. He is native to Jatizso, though his wife is native to Neitiznot. This doesn’t seem to put any strain between him and his wife.

Race: Human

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To do this, talk to Mord Gunnar or right click him and select the ”Ferry-Rellekka” option. Fishing spots: Around the docks and the coast, you can fish for tunas, swordfishes, …

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Contents[show] Walkthrough Starting out Talk to Mord Gunnars on the northern Rellekka dock about Jatizso’s history. ( •1 •3 ) … Talk to King …

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Talk to Mord Gunnars, Rellekka docks and go to Jatizso. Talk to King Gjuki Sorvott IV, near bank. Give cat raw tuna. Give King the ores. Items needed: 6 Mithril or 7 Coal Ores (or Pickaxe), Raw Tuna or Harpoon. Speak to Mord Gunnars on Rellekka’s northern most dock in Rellekka.

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Introduction. Rellekka is a large members only town. It requires you to complete The Fremennik Trials quest to trade with any of the merchants and shops, and to utilize the town’s mine, furnace, anvil, etc. There are a good number of stalls to steal from and NPC’s to pickpocket here. Am Abend des Mordes: Roman (Gunnar …

Zum Zeitpunkt seines Verschwindens lebte besagter Elektriker nämlich mit einer Frau zusammen, die bereits einmal einen Mord begangen und dafür elf Jahre im Gefängnis gesessen hatte. Doch ohne Leiche keine Mörderin. Beweisen konnte man ihr in diesem Fall nichts. Gunnar Barbarotti tut das, was er am besten kann: Er ermittelt.


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